Welcome Coadjutor Archbishop Hebda

Nov 17, 2013, Author: Fr. Peter

Fr. Peter’s Message for the Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

“If You want to make God laugh…..Tell him your plans” this is the opening line in the movie ‘Bella’ and the opening line of Archbishop Bernard Hebda’s reflection at the end of his formal welcome Mass last Tuesday at the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart. The new coadjutor Archbishop for Newark made us smile when he told us that he had just finished proposing a three year pastoral and financial plan for the diocese of Gaylord Michigan. The following week he received the call that Pope Francis was moving him to Newark.  

He was very candid when he said he had no idea why God would send him here; but realized that the Holy Spirit was guiding him for a reason and would reveal that to him eventually.


My own impression of him is one of humility and one that says I am here to serve. The motto in his coat of arms states “Only Jesus”. This says to me loud and clear he puts his trust in the hands of the lord. I look forward to working with him and meeting him. Please pray for his ministry here in our Archdiocese and pray that he may come to visit us soon. Also…go on YouTube to listen to his talk. It is only 11 minutes but gives you an insight into who he is.


I also encourage you to Google the pictures of Pope Francis touching and blessing a man with horrible tumors all over his face. It’s moving and chilling all in the same experience. It shows us that in Jesus we can be filled with courage and compassion.






Thoughts on Scripture: (taken from Living Liturgy)

Catastrophes, disasters, wars, insurrections, etc. are not signs of the end of the world, but of how far we actually are from the end. We hasten the end not by being fearful of these events, but by being faithful to Jesus’ work of establishing God’s kingdom. Preaching, teaching and living in Jesus’ name is the one sure way of discipleship that hastens Jesus’ Second Coming and secures for us eternal life.


There are billboards and doomsday criers who point to catastrophes and evil as signs of the end times. What happens when we change our perspective and realize that the end times will be upon us only when goodness and justice reign?




Fr. Peter