A Generous, Forgiving, Loving God

Sep 24, 2017, Author:

Jim Kenny’s Thoughts on the Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Wow! What a wonderful 2017 Parish Picnic! It warms my heart to see so many parishioners coming together as a community.
Picnics like this don’t just happen. There are so many to thank; I’m happy to say too many to list each name. I will start with the Captains…Kyle McKay, Nick Paladino, Sue Hartmann and Zak Magic. Thank you to the set-up crew, the watermelon cutters, the corn cookers, the people at the check-in table, the grillers, the servers, the beverage & dessert coordinators, the waste management team, the beer, wine and ice buyers, the raffle sellers, the bakers, the baking contest coordinator, the beer & wine coordinators, the tear down/clean up squad, and our runner. Whew…that’s a lot of people! I also want to thank Sue Steccato and the YES Kids and the Confirmation candidates.I want to thank the ushers, sacristans and our maintenance men; and I want to thank the Religious Education Parents. I also want to thank everyone who came. I’m sure you will be back next year and spread the word what a fun time it was. Now that I thanked everyone with words, let’s see some pics! Click to view pictures 

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Fr. George