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Fr. George Klybus’ Thoughts for the Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time


As we say goodbye to September and hello to October, we see a great month ahead of us.
First off, the journey of the sacraments begins with the Confirmation parent’s Meeting on October 12
th and then the next week we see the parents of those children who are participating in their first confession!
First Confession is such a great sacrament! It is even so much more true when it is the first time to confess. The beauty of a clean soul with no stains is a great experience for our young people. Not just for the young people, but also the    parents, teens and elderly.
After 16 plus years of hearing confessions, I can say that there have been many times when someone was just waiting for the priest to arrive so that they can be forgiven of their sins. There were also many instances when the confessing person had such a surprise at the end of receiving this sacrament. They felt unburdened and lifted up; even joyous. Now, who doesn’t want to feel like that? I think I know why God has given us this beautiful sacrament of forgiveness and mercy. He has given it
for us. It’s a gift. It’s a way for him to allow us humans to have something tangible to cling to in our fallen world, to better feel the tragedy of sin, and more importantly, to feel and know the glory of his perfect love.
In October, don’t forget the Blessing of the Animals on the 4
th at 3:30pm in front of the chapel. And on Saturday, October 28that 11am will be our Anointing Mass. We have the All Saints     parade on October 29th at the 10:15am Mass. I am looking forward to see which saints will be shown to our parish on that Sunday.
On an international note, the Holy Father, Pope Francis, will travel to Bologna, Italy on October 1st. His pastoral visit coincides with the 300th anniversary of the birth of Pope Pius VI in 1717, who reigned as Pope from 15 February 1775 until his death on 29 August 1799.
Pope Francis will make the trip at the invitation of Archbishop Matteo Maria Zuppi of Bologna and Bishop Douglas Regattieri of Cesena-Sarsina. The Archdiocese of Bologna says the Pope’s pastoral visit occurs on “the occasion of the Diocesan Eucharistic Congress”, at which the faithful are invited to renew their “efforts towards the diffusion, knowledge, and understanding of Sacred Scripture”.

His visit will be with families and young people from the two different dioceses and he will also meet with refugee immigrants who have landed on the Italian coast this year. As well, Pope Francis, as he often does when he makes a pastoral visit to a diocese, will have lunch the poor people of the region.
Let us keep Pope Francis and each other in our prayer!

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Fr. George