Alleluia Happy Easter

Apr 1, 2018, Author:

ALLELUIA! Happy Easter!

At Easter, the church proclaims “Christ is Risen. He is truly Risen!” But what does this mean for us? Among other things this means that death does not have the last word and that God’s love for Christ and indeed for all of us is stronger than death.

By the Resurrection from the dead our Savior, Jesus Christ, has conquered death and sin and everything that diminishes the grace of God in us and among us. His resurrection is not just a fact of history to be retold at Easter. It is a mystery to be lived everyday. As Christians, we are just as moved by the presence of Jesus among us as those who saw him on the first Easter morning.

How is Jesus Christ present among us today? The Resurrection happened to Jesus and is given to us as a gift and a promise. He lives among us in the community gathered to celebrate the Eucharist. He lives in the Gospel proclaimed by word and deed. Through the Sacraments of the Church, he gathers disciples, heals the sick, reconciles sinners and calls us to service. In this way we give witness to the mystery of Jesus living among us. Indeed, we become Christ for the world.

Please join us and celebrate a great hope that has been given to us. If you like it, you might even come back again. We love to have you with us each and every Sunday so that we can relive the Easter experience.

It is about YOU having that experience of Christ’s Love.

All of us here at Nativity wish you a joyous Easter!

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Fr. George