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Adult Choir
The aim of the music ministry is to provide excellent music for all parish liturgies. The Nativity adult choir meets on Tuesdays from 7:30 pm to 9:00 p.m. in the church sanctuary. They sing at the 10:15 Mass each Sunday morning, as well as at the     annual Advent/Christmas concert, Confirmation and First Communions. They also sing for the 10:00 pm Christmas Eve and 10:30 am Christmas Day Masses, as well as on Holy Thursday, the Easter Vigil, and the 10:15 am Mass on Easter Sunday. The choir is in recess for the summer. An accurate sense of pitch and rhythm and the ability to sing harmony are basic assets of our choir members. For more information contact the rectory at 201 444-6362.
Giving Religious Education with Alternative Teaching (G.R.E.A.T.) This Program was started at Church of the Nativity to serve the children with special needs at our parish and beyond. This program prepares the youngsters for the Sacrament of Holy Communion. The program runs in conjunction with our monthly Masses for differently-abled people. We hope for an on-going reciprocity between the two programs. The G.R.E.A.T. program is supported by Nativity with the program Coordinator and volunteer teachers. We also provide the materials and weekly involvement from one of our priests. Parents involved at every lesson. For more information contact Olivia Harrington 201 447-1776 or
Altar Servers
Young parishioners from grades four through ten are encouraged to participate in assisting at the altar during the Masses. Training is provided and all servers are put on a rotational schedule. Altar servers may indicate the times of the Masses they prefer. For more information contact Jeanmarie Shea or 201-445-2517
Baptismal Preparation
The ministry members welcome the parents and babies into the community. Through sharing and discussion, the members and parents focus on the meaning of the symbols used in Baptism, the sacrament itself, and the commitment the parents make in deciding to have their child baptized into the Catholic faith. The ministry members also assist during the Baptism ceremonies, which are held during the 12:00 Noon Mass on Sundays during the year. For more information contact Anna Vlacanich or 201 444-1404.
Good News for Little Ones
Good News is a religion readiness program provided by the parish catechetical ministry to compliment the parents' role as the ‘primary and most important religious educators of their children. Most Sunday mornings from September through May, pre-schoolers meet in the upper room of the church during the 10:15 am Mass. Adult catechists and parent and teen assistants are available to provide care and supervise play and activities that lead to a positive, religious learning experience. For more information contact Olivia Harrington 201 447-1776 or
CARE Ministries
CARE (Concern And Regard for Everyone) Ministries is an umbrella program, encompassing many giving and receiving opportunities for members of the parish and beyond, reaching out into the community. It is set up to allow some members to volunteer for a ministry while receiving the benefits of another ministry. This program offers the opportunity for parishioners to lend-a-hand and/or get-a-hand in the ministry categories:  CARE-Drivers, CARE-Chefs – contact Mary Allyn 201 444-6362 CARE- Nativity Knits – contact Helen Demers or 201 447-4440 CARE-Hospital Visitors – contact Janet Weis or 201 445-7373 CARE-Eucharistic Home Ministers – contact Kathy Hutton or 201 444-1481 CARE Outreach: Giving Tree & Food Pantry – contact Mary Allyn  
Church Cleaning
On a rotational basis, teams of one, two or families clean the church approximately once every five weeks. It takes about 1½ hours to accomplish chores such as dusting, window cleaning, cleaning holy water fonts and straightening the pews, sacristy and children's cry room. The best time to do this is from Thursday to Saturday. Scheduling is done through the Ministry Leader. For more information contact Rene Lubbe 201 225-1328 or
Church Decorating
Committee members volunteer to seasonally decorate the interior of the church for Christmas and Easter For more information call Kaye Zbonack at 201 444-6362 or
Communal Anointing of the Sick
In the fall, there is a Mass and Anointing for members of the parish needing the support of prayers during times of illness. Members of the ministry assist with transportation to and from Mass and coordinate a luncheon held afterward in the McGrath Room. For more information contact Sally Miller 201 445-0823 or
Cornerstone: Men's and Women's
The Cornerstone weekend is 26 hours and starting on Friday at 6:00 pm. It is a gathering of ordinary men and women who are given an opportunity to renew and strengthen their faith while growing in the experience of Christian community. A team of Cornerstone alumni host and lead the weekend. Additionally, the Cornerstone Ministry has joined forces with Saint Luke’s in preparing the weekend for the men or women of both parishes. For more information contact Trish Olson (Women) or 201 493-7771. Contact Jim Kenny (Men) 201 444-6362 or or    
CYO Basketball
The Nativity CYO Basketball program is designed to be a representative of the Christian values of respect, love, compassion and support for each other through sports, competition and teamwork. It provides healthy growth and development through games, practices and the life lessons. Positive coaching, sportsmanship for all, learning to live together in a diverse community and maximizing talents fosters the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual strength in each of us. The program is open to Nativity boys and girls grades three thru grade eight. For more information contact Ron Harrington 201 670-6671 or
Eucharistic Ministers
Ministers are invited to assist the priest in the distribution of the Eucharist at weekend, daily and Holy Day Masses. The ministers may indicate the times of the Masses for which they prefer to be scheduled. Eucharistic Ministers are encouraged to bring Communion to the residents at Mill Gardens and parishioners who need to receive Communion at home. For more information contact Kathy Hutton 201 444-1481 or
Finance Council
Nativity’s Finance Council meets with the Pastor and Parish Administrator providing financial guidance and advice to the Pastor observing both Church and civil law. Members have strong accounting, finance, and business experience. For more information please contact Jim Kenny 201 444-6362 or
Bulletin Stuffers
The Bulletin Stuffers are a part of a pool of people who are asked to come to the rectory to insert flyers into the bulletins on Friday afternoons. When you are called to come in to “stuff”, and you are unable to make it...not a problem we call the next person. You will be called in to stuff again. The bulletins do not have inserts every week and there are many people in the pool. The only prerequisite is that you are available some Friday afternoons. For more information call Kaye Zbonack at 201 444-6362 or
Good News for Little Ones
Good News is a religion readiness program provided by the parish catechetical ministry to compliment the parents' role as the ‘primary and most important religious educators of their children. Most Sunday mornings from September through May, pre-schoolers meet in the upper room of the church during the 10:15 am Mass. Adult catechists and parent and teen assistants are available to provide care and supervise play and activities that lead to a positive, religious learning experience. For more information contact Olivia Harrington 201 447-1776 or
Greeters stand at the entrance of church to cordially greet and welcome all who come to worship at the weekend Masses. Greeters also assist persons with special needs as they approach and enter the lobby of the church. A rotational schedule assigns greeters to the Mass times of their choice about once every few weeks. For more information contact Donna Zeoli 201 447-2008 or  
Members bake, serve and clean up at "Hospitality Weekends" which provide light refreshments after the Masses. They also provide similar hospitality at a variety of functions throughout the year including two receptions after our Masses for differently-abled people. For more information contact Linda Mendrys 201-445-5703 or
Lectors are scheduled to serve at least once a month at weekend and Holy Day Masses. Helpful handbooks guide our lectors through the readings so that the Liturgy of the Word may be proclaimed with confidence and clarity. A strong voice and good diction are considered assets for lectors. All lectors are given the opportunity to indicate the Mass times for which they prefer to be scheduled. For more information contact Kathy Hutton 201 444-1481 or
Legion of Mary
The Legion of Mary is a national association of Catholic men and women who foster a deeper devotion to Mary among all people. The members undertake various apostolic work including visiting nursing homes and bringing the Eucharist to the homebound. Members also coordinate a visitation program to parishioners' homes with the Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima Statue, praying the rosary and other short prayers on each visit. Cenacles are held in the Nativity Chapel at various times.  Meetings are held every Tuesday at 11:00 am in the chapel and last about one hour. For more information contact the Church Office at 201 444-6362 or  
Liturgy Committee
The Liturgy Committee’s role is to assist in the review and plan of current Liturgical and Para Liturgical experiences; to assist in upcoming environmental settings as the Liturgical seasons change and call upon the expertise of the Pastor to explain Liturgical changes as they occur. For more information contact the Church Office 201 444-6362 or
Children’s Liturgy of the Word
Children’s Liturgy of the Word is for children in grades one through five and takes place during the 10:15 am Mass several Sundays each month. Children sit with their families when they first arrive. Prior to the first reading, they are led out of the church to the McGrath Room by adult leaders after receiving a special blessing. There, they will hear the Word of God proclaimed from the Lectionary for Children and hear a reflection on the reading. Following the Universal Prayer, at Mass, they are escorted back to the church, where they are reunited with their families. For more information contact Janet Nemec 201 444-6362 or


Mom's Group
Mothers (and Dads & Grandparents) meet with their children for playgroup on Tuesday mornings in the upper room of the church. This ministry provides friendship and support for all its members – mothers and children. For more information call Kaye Zbonack at 201 444-6362 or
Office Workers
The members of this ministry volunteer their time on an as-needed basis to assist the rectory staff with preparing parish mailings and lending general administrative support. For more information contact Judi Plafta 201 445-9469 or
Parish Prayer Chain
A group of parishioners offer support to anyone who initiates a request to the rectory office. For more information call Kaye Zbonack at 201 444-6362 or
Parish Social Events
A sense of community involvement and spirit is fostered by the events this ministry plans and presents. The ministry meets several times a year for planning, and separate sub-committees meet just for the event they are coordinating. Some of the activities include our Patrick’s Day Dance, Parish Pancake Breakfast, Parish Picnic and Wedding Anniversary Celebration. For more information contact Kyle McKay 201 493-1252 or


RCIA - Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
RCIA is for those wishing to become Catholic, for those who were baptized but have not received the other sacraments and for those who have questions about the Church or have drifted away over the years. RCIA is facilitated by team members who teach through faith sharing. RCIA meeting schedule is completely flexible to the group’s needs. For more information contact Jim Kenny 201 444-6362 or
Religious Education/Sacramental Preparation
Religious Education provides our parish youth with the opportunity to experience Jesus and learn about the Roman Catholic tradition through class activities, prayer, celebrations and faith sharing. Catechists are always needed for grades K-6 for either Sunday morning or Thursday afternoon in our school-year program; or for two weeks for our summer program. The junior high school program is remote preparation for Confirmation that takes place in small discussion group settings. The Director of Religious Education will provide both group and individual training sessions to prepare Catechists. For more information contact Olivia Harrington 201 447-1776 or
Resurrection Ministry
The Resurrection Ministry consists of volunteers who provide service to the Celebrant in assisting with the liturgical functions during the Funeral Mass. These people perform the responsibilities of Sacristan, Greeter, Eucharistic Minister, Lector, and Altar Server at a Funeral Liturgy. Each volunteer can choose to serve from one to all of the roles needed and will be asked as needed to serve one of those roles during Funeral Liturgies throughout the year. A member will also be asked to maintain contact with the family following the burial. Resurrection Ministers will be trained as needed. If you would like to be part of this vital ministry, please contact Pat Sullivan at 201 444-1963 or
Right to Life
This ministry keeps the parish community informed on issues relating to human life at all stages by providing literature and information regarding ways to participate in supporting New Jersey Right to Life and other sanctioned groups. They also provide support through prayer and communicating with government officials. For more information call Kaye Zbonack at 201 444-6362 or
Rosary Society
These women are actively devoted to Jesus through the Blessed Mother Mary. Rosary Society business meetings are held four times a year. Other Rosary Society sponsored events include a Christmas Party in early December, a Night of Reflection during Lent and the Parish May Crowning. In addition, there are six Rosary Masses a year. The Rosary Society also has a relationship with the Community Thrift Shop in Midland Park. When you bring your donations to the thrift shop and mention #18, your donation will benefit the Rosary Society and allow them to pay it forward by contributing to parish and community organizations. For more information contact Pat Shaver 201 652-6593.
Sacristy Linens
The members of this ministry are volunteers who launder the purificators, taking turns every few weeks. For more information contact Janet Nemec 201 444-6362 or
Nativity Shepherds is a group of welcoming active seniors. Regular meetings are on the first Friday after the 12:10 Mass from September through June. Lunch is always part of the meeting. Special activities are planned throughout the year with speakers and social programs. Outreach events are also scheduled. New shepherds are always welcome. For more information contact Phyllis Veli at or 201 560-0470.
These ministers serve at weekend and Holy Day Masses assisting with a variety of duties such as the seating needs of the congregation; attending to those with special needs; checking pews, holy water, the gifts and offering baskets; selecting parishioners for presentation of the gifts; and distributing bulletins after Mass. They take pride in maintaining a safe environment for parishioners and restoring orderliness to the church after the Masses. For more information contact Ed Priestner 201 444-9753 or
Vocation Chalice
Through participation in the Vocational Chalice Ministry, Nativity parish offers everyone who worships at Nativity, the opportunity to pray that all those whom the Lord may be calling to the Priesthood, Religious Life or Lay Ministry will be responsive to that call. Parish family members volunteer to receive a consecrated, encased chalice at the conclusion of one of the weekend liturgies which they then take to their home and place in a prominent place. During that week, the chalice will remind the recipient to pray that those being called will have the strength and the wisdom to answer the call of the Lord. Those who wish to participate can let one of the ushers know. The coordinator of the Mass will contact you. Weekend dates and procedures can then be decided For more information contact the Church Office at 201 444-6362 or
Nativity I-Desk Ministry
You will be equipped to share information about Nativity’s ministries, how to register for the parish, about Religious Education, community service and Sacramental Programs for school children, programs for pre-schoolers and outreach within and outside of Nativity. You will even be able to provide Mass Cards for the convenience of our parishioners and visitors. Aside from the initial training, there will be virtually no    meetings. All it requires for I-Desk team members is getting to the Mass of choice a little early and staying a little later. The team will have enough members so that shifts are only once every four to six weeks. After a training session and a few times behind the desk, you will be amazed at how much you now know about your parish. But guess what, if you don’t know the answer to a question you can just say “I’ll find out”. This new and wonderful ministry will not only provide parishioners and visitors with details about programs and services here at Nativity, but also allows its members to become a part of their discipleship journey. For more information contact Tony LaFemina 201 445-0218 or
This ministry extends the first official welcome to new parishioners with a personal phone call, follow-up visit if desired, and welcome packet along with a small token of welcome. For more information contact Kyle Costello 201 447-5966 or
NSO40 - Nativity Singles Over 40
NSO40 is a ministry for singles over 40. The mission of this ministry is to provide social, volunteer and spiritual opportunities to single folks over 40 from Nativity, neighboring parishes and local communities. NSO40 committee members are currently planning events and activities for the upcoming year. For more information contact Susan Stansfield 201 841-2882 or


The St. Francis Closet Ministry
The mission of The St. Francis Closet is to provide an avenue where the parishioners of the Church of the Nativity may act as “instruments of peace” and provide goods from our abundance to the needy of the surrounding area. There will be two major household products and clothing drives twice a year, in addition to monthly mini drives throughout the year. Members are needed to accept, sort and donated goods, as well as drivers who can drive the items to the various organizations. On Saturday mornings, once a month, we need volunteers to assist in picking up and dropping off large donated items like furniture. For more information contact Tia Patterson or 201 493-1160.
Knights of Columbus
If you’re interested in helping those in need, serving your parish, growing your faith or having exclusive access to top-rated insurance protection for your family, then the Knights of Columbus is the organization for you. For more information about the Knights of Columbus contact Andy Ferrone 201857-3939 or 732 859-1606 or
The Youth Group@Nativity
The purpose of TYG@Nativity (The Youth Group at Nativity) is to prepare high school students for effective life-long ministry.  Through monthly activities, The Youth Group at Nativity strives to give young people a chance to participate in Church life, develop their own faith and spirituality, and discover new friendships. TYG@Nativity is fun, faith, and friends, with a little food added to keep our engines going! For more information please contact Beth Szydlik at 201 670-6998 or
Collection Counters
Join a team and assist in tallying up the Sunday and Holy Day collections. Each team meets every other Monday at 9:30 am. For more information call Kaye Zbonack at 201 444-6362 or
Scripture Study
This ministry is a moderated study of the Bible. This small group offers a place to connect with others   interested in growing their knowledge of  the Bible. It meets weekly on Tuesday afternoons and studies scriptures via programs that can run from weeks to months. The group takes a recess during the summer. For more information contact Tony LaFemina or 201 445-0218.
The Nativity Chaplet
The Nativity Chaplet will give you 60 minutes of respite in your busy schedule and week through silent prayer, intercessions and a connection with the Lord. This ministry meets Mondays, 11:00AM –12:00PM in O’Connell Hall. Come...Sit...and Connect with God...He’s waiting! For more information contact Terry DeSimone 201-445-7892 or